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Sarah Lee Cosmetics favorite Hydrojelly Mask are now available for at-home use!

In need of a girls night - pick me up during travel- or your must have product in your self-care routine? This 2 pack Hydrojelly Mask is perfect for you! 

Each mask is targeted to your skincare needs and provide the ultimate booster packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. The skin is infused with electrolytes to maintain it's natural moisture balance for healthy-glowing skin.

Mask Includes:

Each box contains 2 Masks, 2 Trays, 1 Spatula, and 1 Scoop.

The mask comes in powder form and activated with water, applied to the skin and then peeled off after 15-20 minutes. Apply mask over the face - let it absorb into the skin for maximum time for 20 minutes-jelly mask will become airtight all over the skin and gently remove. 

Pro Tip:

Apply your AM/PM Serums before you apply the mask to absorb all the ingredients into the skin. 

EGYPTIAN ROSE- *Glowing & Fine Wrinkles

DIAMOND GLOW-*Regenerating & Renewal

BRIGHTENING-* Brightening & Glow

SUPER GREENS- * PH Balance & Vitality 

PURIFYING CHARCOAL- *Clarifying & Calming

ILLUMINATING ORANGE- *Anti-Pigment & Spots

24K GOLD- *Rejuvenation & Clarity